Monday, July 6, 2009

Even the Insane Settle

We made a list of restaurants we wanted to try
That's how it was now, as an adult
Make sure you write it down, so you don't forget
Like a restaurant you saw on TV that had
Good Eggs, Good Prices

Even the most insane settle down
A guy I knew, he did
A sort of pagan drummer with
a school teacher fiance
Closed on a house last week
Close to the Train tracks
For an optimal commute
That's how it goes

In 11th grade we had to write a report
Were we rational or romantic?
I wrote that I was a romantic
"You'll never see me in a
9 to 5 job" i put and my English
Teacher said that was good

Of course, I am now in a cube job
But about to leave
I consider myself lucky to have
lived it just to see what it was moving to Europe
or going to prison
It was an experience and
now it is over...I hope.

But some people are repeat