Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This one goes out to all my reader(s)

You should be saying, "It's perfect strip club weather."


  1. pretty sure we had a conversation about how we use the words, "awesome" and "lame" all the time. Guess this cartoon is a reflection of that.

    Secondly, I really can't get over the number of contexts that "perfect strip club weather" isn't just an "awesome" phrase. It works so well, in so many situations. Furthermore, since I changed my fantasy baseball team name to PerfectStripClubWeather, I have moved from 2nd to last to 2nd place. Just sayin...

  2. Maybe I should change my name to a similar "PSCW" name. Then I can beat you (but, as you can see, I am currently in 5th so only time can tell).