Friday, February 13, 2009

No Substitutes

While I was waiting for my pizza to finish toasting, I thought about this crazy substitute teacher I had that was supposed to teach us botany but ended up talking about herself more than anyone I have ever met. Instead of botany, she taught us meditation (she was also a yoga instructor), showed us commercials with her in it (her role in a Burger King commercial as a fretful mother was the highlight of her career back in the 70's...I even remember her saying that the burger she was eating was just two pieces of bread because she was against eating meat) and her folk music career. She gave me a B+ although I don't know what she was grading me on. She made me miss botany and actual learning. Even the kids who hardly showed up to class missed botany because of this self-centered woman who ditched an entire lesson plan of our poor teacher who was having heart problems to talk about the things she was good at. It was completely and utterly lame.
Still...I don't know why I was thinking of her. I guess it's because I'm glad I'm not her.

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