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An Older Diary Comic

About the first time at school I felt inadequate. What a terrible feeling.

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This blew my mind

That hello and goodbye are the same motion. Like aloha. I mean, really...we are a simple, wonderful group, we humans.

Just amazing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

There's this awesome wine-themed manga (and I don't even really like manga)

Apparently it has made all of Japan obsessed with French wine. I wonder if it's in English. I wish I remembered its name.

Goodbye work - The afterparty invite

Monday, July 6, 2009

Even the Insane Settle

We made a list of restaurants we wanted to try
That's how it was now, as an adult
Make sure you write it down, so you don't forget
Like a restaurant you saw on TV that had
Good Eggs, Good Prices

Even the most insane settle down
A guy I knew, he did
A sort of pagan drummer with
a school teacher fiance
Closed on a house last week
Close to the Train tracks
For an optimal commute
That's how it goes

In 11th grade we had to write a report
Were we rational or romantic?
I wrote that I was a romantic
"You'll never see me in a
9 to 5 job" i put and my English
Teacher said that was good

Of course, I am now in a cube job
But about to leave
I consider myself lucky to have
lived it just to see what it was
like...like moving to Europe
or going to prison
It was an experience and
now it is over...I hope.

But some people are repeat

Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Little Sleep

I wonder how people do it...go through the motions of life without resting their bones for only five/six hours a night?
I did it last night. Slept six hours. This morning, I feel hungover (I had three beers over eight hours)...dehydrated. I feel as though I am seeing the world through some kind of fish-eye lens. A weird soft filter; the kind they use in old movies for some kind of effect. I have symptoms that make me feel like I am coming down with something that will sideline me for weeks. This is why people are sick all the time. This is why people, stupid people, who can't rest their heads because of lack of common sense, get sick. And then they don't know why oh why am I sick again? Can anyone help me? I can't help you, but your dreams/nightmares/pillow top mattress can.

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Thoreau loves his iphone so much, he even took it to Walden Pond!

We took a Sunday trip to Walden Pond where there's a statue of Thoreau in front of a replica of his cabin. Jeremy let Thoreau borrow his iphone for a while...which we thought was hilarious.

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This one goes out to all my reader(s)

You should be saying, "It's perfect strip club weather."

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I've never felt domestic and boring until last night when Jer's good friend Jason from high school and this girl named Ariel who he met online came over for dinner.
I was in the kitchen cutting potatoes and I turned on the grill when they came in. The Mets game was on the HDTV, which we also forced them to watch. I offered them beer. But it was just kinda weird because Jason is kind of a vagrant (he's going to become a squatter and is looking forward to it) and Ariel, although really nice, kind of looked like she never left her lab at MIT where she studies cognative something or other.
It was the first time that I looked at my apartment and my belongings and thought to myself, why. And we made them veggie burgers and our own special roasted sweet potatoes and forced them to watch the new episode of 30 Rock, which Jer and I spent the whole 30 minutes laughing our asses off but Ariel and Jason just sat there like stones. They made me feel so normal and settled for the first time ever and it left an unpleasant taste in my mouth. But maybe they're the crazy ones and we're doing okay. Who knows.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Coworker says I look like Sylvia Plath

She was a tortured genius of some kind, I guess. Let's hope I don't go putting my head in an oven. PS- I used the hottest picture I could find of her to make me look good.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You want an awesome challenge?

Read Roberto Bolano's book 2666. It is, by far, one of the best books I have read in my recent adult life. Yeah, it weighs a TON and is about 900 pages...but it's fantastic. Describing what it's about will not make you want to read it but if you want to be envious of the way people use language, then this is the book for you. I'm only 150 pages in and already am claiming this one of the best books of the 21st century.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bad Day with Sea Change

They fired a bunch of people at work today prompting me to listen to nothing but Beck's "Sea Change" and hoping to refrain from hiding under my desk. It's so bad, the most straight-laced coworker I have just invited us to leave work early to go drink.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crappy week

Here's a drawing to make it better. Maybe. The baristas at the Bucks were quoting Half Baked today and that made me smile. That was about it. Usually I'm not this morose. Honest.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The only time I get to draw

is for my company's newsletter. Here now are the four heads of my company.

4.5 months until I quit!! You hear that! I'm outta here!

This is not me! This is not me! This is not me!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A coworker I'm afraid of

He actually said this to me

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day is stupid

I don't like how people need an excuse to get wasted and use the saintly Patrick to go crazy. Poor St. Patrick. His name is now attached to vomiting in an alley.

On a different note...another picture.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Only couples at the busstop

Today. At least five people clinging to each other as we waited longer than usual for the bus. It was somehow beautiful. But I don't know how.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today in the elevator

They called "hip hop" urban. They being the tv in the elevator of my building. Urban? Really? Does this entry make me sound cantankerous? Yes.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I hate the phrase Let me Know

I write it about a million times a day. It makes me sad for the English language. I am going to try to come up with something else.

Here's another drawing:

It was my birthday on Wednesday

And I spent it on the couch watching the Mets get spanked by the Cards. I was sick. It was the lamest birthday ever.

Here's a drawing:

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Friday, February 13, 2009

No Substitutes

While I was waiting for my pizza to finish toasting, I thought about this crazy substitute teacher I had that was supposed to teach us botany but ended up talking about herself more than anyone I have ever met. Instead of botany, she taught us meditation (she was also a yoga instructor), showed us commercials with her in it (her role in a Burger King commercial as a fretful mother was the highlight of her career back in the 70's...I even remember her saying that the burger she was eating was just two pieces of bread because she was against eating meat) and her folk music career. She gave me a B+ although I don't know what she was grading me on. She made me miss botany and actual learning. Even the kids who hardly showed up to class missed botany because of this self-centered woman who ditched an entire lesson plan of our poor teacher who was having heart problems to talk about the things she was good at. It was completely and utterly lame.
Still...I don't know why I was thinking of her. I guess it's because I'm glad I'm not her.

We got paid today!!

Our bonuses...ehem, I mean "awards" were paid out today. Two years of grad school paid for, plus room? You betcha! I'm as financially secure as this creepy picture below.

I can't believe they're one of my favorite bands

I love Keane. Well, not so much their last album but their first two albums are just the kind of music that stirs something in me. Seeing as they are kind of on the same field as obnoxious other bands (ie The Fray, Snow Patrol) that punctuate the soundtracks of tv shows for idiots, Keane to me represents some kind of guilty pleasure and that makes me sad. Yeah, all their songs sound pretty much the same and their lyrics are cheesy but their music is the kind of stuff you want to drive you, move to. It gives you something more than just a bassline. And isn't that what music is all about?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The only five movies that have made me cry

1. Angels in America (the HBO adaptation reduced me to a blubbering fool)

2. It's a Wonderful Life

3. In America

4. Homeward Bound (the first movie that ever made me cry)

5. Little Princess

It's kinda funny because none of these movies are sad...it's the happiness that gets to me.

My coworker should be a detective

I have a coworker who looks like an old-timey detective. I think it's the fact that he's getting Walter Matthau like jowls as a result of age. He's a very slouchy character, kinda like the guy on the left but not as chunky. I saw the cowork on his cell yesterday morning and he looked so sullen, as if the whole world's weight had completely dropped down on him just then. The sad thing is, I didn't feel bad for him...I just kept thinking, "my god, that coworker looks really like an old time detective."
Although I doubt he should be a detective because he's boring. And I don't think he'd be a very good one, unless the case involved looking at data all day on a computer. He's good at that (I think).

If you want to know what my dream house would be

This would be it. If anyone has 600k and wants to live in Middlesex, VT with me...let's go for it. Although if it were a true dream house, it would be on a main street and have a front porch where I could wave to my neighbors, because I'm cheesy like that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saw a woman sitting like a teddy bear up against a wall

She had the oversized girth of a bear too. It was somehow perfect. You know, it's always the little things.

I created this

I'm sick of my livejournal and have set myself free from this. Basically this is just a circus to showcase a whole lot of nothing...because after all, the only two things everyone in this earth has in common are sex and weather.